ProActive Airline Services Scandinavia

ProActive Airline Services is an independent and privately owned General Cargo Sales and Service agent.

We launched in 2005 with a simple yet compelling proposition to provide airlines with the best and highest level of GSSA services in the Nordic region.

Today, we are a full scale service provider, serviceing the airlines in our portfolio with all the demands and needs required from a General Cargo Sales and Service agent.

We are a leading player in the Scandinavian airfreight market, representing a narrow number of airlines,to whome we are dedicated and focused on, and with whome we will grow and have success with through years ofclose cooperation.

The GSSA Ideology and Paradox:

For various reasons; economical, strategically, limited route-nets etc, over the past 20 years, cargo sales, increasingly, has been outsourced by the airlines to GSSA’s and CSA’s

An airline outsourcing it’s cargo sales, obtains immediate significant cost savings on staff, advertising and overhead office costs.

Another fact however has been a congestion of airlines with conflicts of interest, who have ended up in contracts with a handful of Scandinavian based GSSA’s. This with the well-known, but historical, paradox as a result; Insufficient sales efforts, resulting in inadequate market shares and thereby dissatisfied Airlines

ProActive Airline Services breaks with these traditions and represents airlines with little or no conflicts to ensure the best quality in the market.

Our Vision:

  •  To deliver the highest quality on performance in the Nordic countries.
  •  To deliver services above and beyond all Nordic competitors, to airlines expecting more.
  •  To avoid current practice by not representing competing airlines, with lessened attention as a result.
  •  To be percieved as the most dedicated GSSA in the Nordic region, known for exceptional dedication, proactive and  professional appearance.
  •  To be a respectful and desirable place of work and employment, creating an atmosphere of joy and motivation.